Mrs Henderson Presents…

oh what a fun film! Mrs Henderson Presents (wikipedia, imdb) was a perfect choice after a chilled-out day in Hyde Park spent with friends and a light Thai rice dish: Judi Dench, playing the terribly intrepid Mrs Henderson who recently lost her husband is superb. Mrs Henderson’s new hobby: a theatre that promises to be unique!

I laughed quite a bit and the harsh cuts between original World War II footage showing London going up in flames next to 40s all singing and dancing showbiz was very effective. There are a plenty of quotes worth noting. Two of my favourites are:

Laura Henderson: Are you American?
Soldier: Yes.
Laura Henderson: Strange people, lovely manners.



Laura Henderson: I can’t bear feeling helpless
I always think there’s something I can do.
But sometimes, of course… there’s nothing.


The latter quote expresses very much what I feel quite often: the knowledge that one cannot intervene to alleviate suffering must be among the most distressing feelings I have come across. I guess that’s when rationalisation comes in handy though of course that doesn’t solve the problem but may make it easier to deal with (for some people).

Interestingly, the latter quote doesn’t seem to be documented on the internet (at least google didn’t find it) though there are plenty of quotes available from the film on sites linked to above).

The soundtrack was of course matched to the 40s settings — classic in the true sense! I should stop searching for K&D second hand albums and start collecting some old gems…  Of course 40s seem to be en vogue again e.g., Christina Aguilera’s Back to Basics Album with Candyman.

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