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Peruvian Chinese & chocolate

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

So we got adventurous tonight, after trying everything from traditional to funky “novo-andino” we’ve no ventured into new territory: Peruvian Chinese

Apartfrom receiving huge portions (I offered a prize for anyone who could finish their plate — two did and received a stomach ache) the food was pretty much Chinese. However, it was refreshing to get some vegetables which were al dente. Food was so quick that we were unable to finish our conversation comparing management styles in Africa, Asia and South America for small scale renewable energy projects.

After dinner (we were stuffed), I was convinced by Kathy to find her some chocolate to satisfy her craving: “I’ve been great ever since getting here, but now I need some chocolate!” Two chocolate cakes from different bakeries — both the ubiquitous sponge cake but quite good.