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London Oyster + Rail Card = …

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Quoting TfL Conditions of Carriage

7.7 National Rail Railcard discounts
For details of how to obtain a National Rail Railcard, see 5.9.
If you hold a Young Persons, Senior, Disabled Persons or HM Forces Railcard and an Oyster card with the National Rail discount loaded on it, your Oyster daily price cap will be 34% lower than the equivalent adult-rate cap.
This discount is only available to the cardholder. If you are travelling with other people who are entitled to a discount on any printed tickets bought in association with your Railcard, the entire group must purchase and use printed tickets.

In short: Oyster + Rail Card = 66% daily price cap

But how does one get this discount?! I’m off to the ticket office to check it out…

Everyone says they’re doing it…

Sunday, January 20th, 2008 featured the Compostmodern 2008 event in a recent an article. As usual, it’s an interesting read. One quote, however, was particularly good:

Joel Makower’s morning introduction, […] likened sustainability to teenage sex: “Everyone says they’re doing it, but not many people really are. And those who are, aren’t doing it well,?

absolutely brilliant!

Plastic is not cool

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

road sign 'Caution, plasic bags are not cool' (from
I just received a belated Christmas present from two of my most amzing people. An Onya Bag. It’s a durable (shopping) bag made of parachute material that can be crumpled up into a tiny integrated pouch when not in use. Very cool indeed!

My bag is the Original Onya Bag in green. Over the next few weeks I’ll see how it fares in my busy daily life and on my bike…

And I must ask the guys at Onya Bag if they use recycled parachute material…