new lease of life - reactivation of blog

It’s taken a while but I have decided to reactivate this blog. It’s been dormant too long and there are too many thoughts I have that shouldn’t sit in my mental silo but rather should be available for public discussion (though not all will be worthy of that).
In addition to writing new blog entries, I have realised that there are 17 drafts that have never been published due to being incomplete or “not quite perfect yet”. I think this is a major issue that is a huge failure in knowledge management particularly in the corporate world: We have such a drive for perfection and are so worried about bad feedback that quick and dirty ideas are never shared and even relatively finished spreadsheets, reports, research is not shared internally (or with the world).
So, think of it as getting rid of your junk out of the closet, storage, basement - because if you haven’t made use of it in a year or two chances are you won’t ever again (do save a few old photos and letters so your loved ones can have a laugh in the not so distant future)
Here’s to keeping my word…

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